What is Responsive Design? Responsive Design is all about the ability of your website to be viewed on different devices. For example; your website should be easy to read and navigate whether it is being viewed on a desktop, tablet or a phone.

Make it easy to be contacted with contact forms that submit queries directly to you.  Forms can be used to gather data, join email lists, request services, and many other options.  You can specify required fields and check data as it is entered to minimise data entry errors.

A Gallery is a great way to display a range of products. You can add captions, comments and any other useful information about the image.  Images can be linked to full details about products.

Do you need to keep your clients up to date with events or activities.  A Calendar can be a great way to display a range of events without having your site look out of date once events are past.  Events are easily added to these calendars by you.  The great thing about Content Management Systems like Joomla, is the ability for users to login and manage the site.

There are many good shopping cart options.  The cart that will suit your site will depend on the number and value of expected transactions.  As part of the development process we discuss your needs to help decide which option will best suit you.  The cost of adding e-commerce functionality to a Joomla site will depend on the number of items and the functionality of the product selection process.  

You will need to consider how payments are going to be made, what payment gateway you will use and how you will deliver your products.

+Kristen Macdonald